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Success Stories

Pinar Etienne

 I have had CRPS since 2017. I am suffering with unpredictable pain attacks and allodynia, and I also have visible muscle atrophy on my left leg.

A month after I started your trial I began observing some changes.

·        Whenever I was taking a shower before, I was feeling different heat at all over my body. While the water was just warm, my legs were always burning. It was very difficult for me to take a shower. After the trial, this situation ended. I started to feel the water heat equally on my body and limbs.

·        Before the trial, whenever my body hair grows at my legs, it was unbearable pain for me. I was feeling like my body hair was made out of needles and they were growing inwards. After the trial, it is completely gone. I even let it grow for a month just for fun.

·        Before the trial, I was experiencing fatigue. I was coming home from work, and climbing on my bed, and sleeping before 8:30 pm: missing a quality family time. I am much better since the trial, I have higher energy and I do not feel exhausted all the time.

·        Before the trial, I used to flare very often, and they would last for days even weeks; it is now 2-3 times a month, and they do not last for long intervals of time. The pain level is also lower comparing to before.


I want to thank you very much for the opportunity. I am still experiencing some difficulties, but the positive improvements increased the quality of my life.  I have changed my job, get a better position, I am productive and happier.

Dale Rothrock

Excellent all around! From exercises to the correct approach with medications. Could not ask for more.

Lili Wilde

I'm functional again dispute debilitating condition. Always a good experience in lobby and in patient room. Surgery Center is amazing too. Never need to wait too long to be seen for procedure. Love Dr. P and his team of phenom P.A.s and Nurses

Pamela Cornell

I’ve spent years in pain management, in my experience, this office and Doctor is approach to pain is a healthy one. Careful with handing out medications and injection were helpful

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